Any hearing evaluation must begin by examining the patients ears ("Otoscopy").  Wax and other blockages in the ear canal can cause ringing and difficulty hearing.  This evaluation also allows us to do a cursory evaluation of overall ear health to determine if any hearing loss should be referred for further medical evaluation by an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor.

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Quick Screening

Not looking for a full evaluation and consultation?  We offer a preliminary quick screening that will let you know if your hearing is still within normal limits.  This quick screen can generally be scheduled on short notice and should typically be completed in 15 minutes.

Complete Evaluation

The free Dennison Hearing Solutions Complete Evaluation* is multifaceted to give our providers the information they need to give you back the clarity you've been missing.    


1) First we will establish the minimum volume needed for you to hear specific tones that make up speech.  This will tell us if there are deficiencies in your hearing, and if you hear some sounds better than others.  This test also lets us know if you have a problem that may be fixed medically or not.

2) After we establish the shape and scope of your hearing, we will determine the minimum volume at which you can understand speech as well as the volume you prefer for speech to be comfortable and the point that it becomes uncomfortable.

3) Next we will determine your ability to understand speech.  Speech understanding is the MOST important concern to majority of our patients and this test will help us gain a better understanding of what is possible in restoring clarity.

4) After we determine your ability to understand speech under ideal conditions, then we test your ability to understand speech in noise.  Understanding speech in noise is the number one complaint of people seeking a hearing evaluation, yet this is not addressed by the standard hearing evaluation.

*Free evaluation will provide patients with a complete summary of results.  All paid evaluations ($125) will receive a full copy of the audiogram in addition to the complete summary of results.

Advice & Counseling

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Whether you want a second opinion or just need a better understanding of how you're hearing aids work, we're happy to help.  At Dennison Hearing Solutions, better hearing is our top priority and we will work for you to ensure that you achieve your best hearing.  There are too many instances of hearing aids that end up in drawers and we are dedicated to making sure you get the help that you need and that you get the best use of them.  In most cases, a decline in usage is due to the hearing aids (1) not being adjusted properly or (2) not functioning properly, which in many cases is easily solved with a thorough cleaning.  No matter where you got your hearing aids, we will help you to the best of our ability to ensure that they are working for you.

Personalized Care

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The foundation of every hearing aid fitting is the hearing evaluation.  Our unique, comprehensive evaluation goes a long way in getting you the best aid fitting for your needs.  However, we are all individuals, including how we perceive sounds.  The audio field has known this for years, as demonstrated by the wide availability of graphic equalizers used to personalize how we hear music.

You and I will work together to find the sound that not only restores the clarity that you've been missing, but also sounds the best and most natural to YOUR ears.  Simply programming hearing aids based solely on the hearing evaluation does not fulfill our mission of giving you the best hearing possible, so we pledge to fully personalize your experience so that we can return the clarity of sound that you're seeking.

Aural Rehabilitation

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Aural Rehabilitation is the process used to restore as much of your hearing as possible.  Our unique comprehensive evaluation and thorough personalized aids fitting are two vital steps to the Aural Rehabilitation process.  Often one of the most underrated aspects of hearing aid fitting is the provider/patient relationship.  While some are content with simply providing the aids, we recognize that working together will result in much better results.   There are many factors that will impact your aural rehabilitation process and we will work together to make a plan, not just for the first days or weeks, but for the years ahead to ensure that you are always hearing as well as possible so that you living your best life.

Tinnitus Management

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Tinnitus is by far the second most common issue that people bring to us (second only to hearing clarity).  Tinnitus affects millions of people and presents in a variety of ways.  There are no proven effective medications that can conquer the ringing in your ears, there are, however, a number of other methods that have shown to minimize (and in many cases end) your tinnitus.  Our unique comprehensive hearing evaluation will help localize your tinnitus to